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J2EE / Advance Java
Module 1: Concept of GUI and Desktop Application [AWT, Applet and Swing]
  1. Concept of AWT
  2. AWT Classes
  3. Applet and Advantages of Applet
  4. Applet Skeleton
  5. appleviewer
  6. Example of Some small Graphics Programs
  7. Swing and JFC
  8. UI Elements of Swing
  9. Event Handling and Listener
  10. Swing Adapter
  11. Swing Layout
  12. Swing Container and Menu.
Module 2: Fundamentals of Client Side Scripting and Introduce to Java IDE
  1. Web Page Structuring by HTML Tags
  2. Applying CSS Style
  3. Concept of Client Side Scripting
  4. Web Page validation by JavaScript
  5. Advanced UI by jQuery
  6. Advantages of Java IDE
  7. Introduce with Netbeans/Eclipse environment
  8. Code implementation and execution.
Module 3: Server Side Scripting- JSP and Database Connectivity-JDBC with Oracle
  1. Advantages of JSP
  2. Life cycle of JSP
  3. Directory Structure of JSP
  4. JSP Scriptlet, Expression and Declaration tag
  5. JSP Request and Response
  6. JSP directive and action
  7. JSP Session and Cookie
  8. JSP Application and Page Object
  9. Concept of DBMS
  10. SQL Query- DDL, DML, DCL
  11. Execute query in Oracle
  12. Database connectivity by JDBC in JSP.
Module 4: Web Application-Servlet and JSTL with Custom Tag Library
  1. Introduce to Servlet
  2. Advantages of Servlet
  3. Servlet Life cycle
  4. ServletRequest and ServletContext
  5. Servlet Attribute and Filter
  6. HttpSession and Cookie
  7. CRUD operation with Database in Servlet
  8. Introduction to JSTL
  9. JSP- Standard Tag Library
  10. XML Data
  11. Java Beans
Module 5: Advanced Web Application with Servlet and JSP
  1. File Uploading
  2. Emil Sending
  3. JSON with AJAX
  4. Hit count
  5. Write data to PDF
  6. Display Image
  7. Workout a Industry Based Project
Project Development:

At the end of the modules, students will be assigned with a Project Work on J2EE .

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