Celcom Training Academy
HR certification in Payroll Management
Module 1: Overview of payroll management
  1. The Role of Payroll Department in an Organization
  2. Income Under The Head Salaries
  3. Salary component in terms of Fixed and Variable
  4. Claim and Reimbursement Management
  5. Attendence Management System and Resignation of Exits
Module 2: Payroll Processing and Reports
  1. Payroll Inputs, Setup Employee's Information
  2. Compliances rules & Tax Rates and Calculation
  3. Verification and Payroll Checking step by Step
  4. Register, Slips. Bank Transfer and MIS
  5. Statutory Reports PF, ESI, PT, ESI and TDS
Module 3: Tax Saving - Deductions and Exemptions
  1. Deduction (u/s 80C - u/s 80U) of chapter VI-A of IT Act
  2. Examination of Investment Proofs And Reimbursement Claims
  3. LTA, HRA, Leave Encashment and Gratuity Exemption
  4. Deduction of Entertainment Allowance and Professional Tax
  5. Deduction of Interest on Housing Loan u/s 24(b) of IT Act

The course for HR certification in Payroll Management Training in CTA will be completed in 1 month. You will be well-equipped with the industry standards and the latest techniques used. A certificate examination will be conducted at the end of the course to test your understanding of the subject.

Celcom Training Academy